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We offer the option of remote access and the possibility to establish a user based array to allow short launch time and for quick access.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery demands the right knowledge & conditions in consideration the hard drive life span in order to build an array to allow the data to recover safely and to get the max out of it.

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Same day repair service

If we would send our Mac to get serviced, we would count the minutes. We totally understand it and therefore we deliver it back to you ASAP, usually the same day.

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Counseling and guidance

Understanding the macOS system is not a given for every user, especially a business owner.
Together we will learn to work in the right and orderly way, we will know the possibilities it offers and we will strive for efficiency.

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Clients Zone

How convenient is it to find everything in one place. therefore, for our ongoing clients, we create a private & secure zone, which contains relevant data, files & software solutions for the business.

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Mac replacement & rental

We can understand how your time & Mac is important to you, therefor we aim to bring it back to you as soon as possible and offer rental services if needed.

About macster

mascter | Neta Levy

Neta Levy

Business developement & administrative manager

mascter | Nir Ivenitsky

Nir Ivenitsky

Strategic planning, re-organization, risk management & automation

mascter | Jacob Apple

Jacob Apple

Technical blogger, Apple certified (ACTC, ACSP) & Macster's CEO

macster apple certified technical coordinator, certified support professional

macster is an Apple Certified Support Professional & Apple Certified Technical Coordinator business, Qualified to provide both System and Server technical support with 15 years of experience with Mac and UNIX environment, providing Mac sales, on-site visits, maintenance, repairs, data restoration and remote support to the most leading film producing, audio editing, advertising, designers, architects, artists and individuals. macster is an iConGroup business partner and using top notch products and parts of the leading companies such as Crucial, OWC Digital, NewerTech and Synology that are fully compatible with Macs.

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Can I ask something?

Where are you guys, how and when do i reach you?

Our studio is located at Kiryat Hamelacha in the south of Tel Aviv.

You can find our contact details at the bottom of the page and WhatsApp is our preferred communication channel which we most available at.

Our business hours are mostly 10:00 to 18:00 but it always better to check before appearing.

How much does it cost?

Beside projects & repairs we work by hourly fee and we’re trying to be as clear and balances among our customers as much as we can.

Hourly fee is 500 NIS plus TAX, in cases of short service (less then 20 minutes) it is reduced to 300 NIS plus TAX. In case of an “on site” call, the first hour fee is 1000 NIS plus TAX.

Customers which are in pre-paid hour bank are prioritize in service (20% discount for the pre-paid plan) and we don’t offer retainer plan because we beleive that in a retainer plan, one side is always deprived in the deal.

How to connect?

Visit this link, and type the code you got to download the file and install it.

In case your macOS is newer than macOS High Sierra 10.13, there’s a need to visit security settings to allow ScreenConnect. Apple – System Preferences – Security & Privacy – Privacy

For which product can i use your service?

We taking care of Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, iMac, Mac mini and Apple network equipment such as AirPort Extreme & AirPort Express. OWC products are among the list as well.

And when we use the term “taking care of” we mean Consulting, Sales, Upgrades & Repair.

How can i pay?

Wire transfer, Bit, and credit card (In this specific order) are our preferred payment methods. if you’re not that technology, wait, we’re almost there.

We can understand it and therefore for the first time of payment you’ll be allowed to give us a bill.


We believe in a one-time payment, if you’ll want to divide it anyway, remember that every two payments will increase the amount by 1%, as much as the credit company bills us.

Where can i find my Mac's serial number?

The serial number is located at About This Mac menu, under apple menu at the top corner of your screen or phisically at the bottom case/stand of your Mac. For more info you can click here

My Mac is dead! What can i do?

As first aid, if it’s a MacBook, you can try a different charger to eliminate the possibility of a faulty one. You can reset the System Managenment Controller (SMC) and see if you get any signal.

In case none of it helped, it’s better to contact or visit us to get a diagnose beofre doing anything risky.

My coffee just spilled on my Mac, What should i do?

In case it’s a MacBook, you should shut down the Mac immediately, & disconnect the charger! If the battery is user replaceable, you better disconnect it as well and get to a diagnose and liquid damage care.

Keyboard shortcuts for Mac?

You can do anything using the keyboard in macOS, so we designed keyboard shortcuts document in this link Tip: you can view the keyboard shortcut next to the command you’re searching for on the menubar.

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